Fully covered in homemade armor, it is impossible to tell at a glance the sex of Zoras. Flowing scraps of cloth fully cover the body of Zoras, but upon movement slight gaps betray the full-body armor hidden below. A homemade mask resembling the head of a robot serves to both conceal and protect the head of Zoras. Additionally, a voice modulator installed in the mask shrouds Zoras in further mystery. Referring to his/herself solely in the third person, Zoras strives to maintain a large distance between his/herself and all he/she deals with. This is further enhanced by the large amounts of armaments scattered about his/her body, the large silenced sniper rifle grasped in his/her hands the most obvious. The stories around Zoras paint a picture of a cold, calculating, unfeeling gunslinger who will work for the highest bidder. But who can say what lurks under the mask?

Cool+1 Hard+3 Hot-2 Sharp+2 Weird-1

Fuck this shit: name your escape route and roll+hard. On a 10+, sweet, you’re gone. On a 7–9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the MC will tell you what. On a miss, you’re caught vulnerable, half in and half out.

Insano like Drano: you get + 1hard (hard+3)

NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH: in battle, you count as a gang (3-harm gang small), with armor according to the circumstances.

Zoras has the following
- silenced sniper rifle (3-harm far hi-tech)
- magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
- grenade tube (4-harm close area reload messy)
- many knives (2-harm hand infinite)

- Homemade Armor/Cloth Robe/Scraps covering/Helmet(Mask)/Boots (2-armor)
- Random items worth 1-Barter

October: +1
Gabe: +1
Gritch: -1 +1 = +0
Big Sister: +0



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